Science a blessing or a curse?

From Electric bulb to wireless phones, science and technology had contributed everywhere. Many things in this universe are explained logically with evidences due to science. Lets take a look on the advantages of science.

Science in today’s world has contributed in maximum fields like, medical field, Artificial Intelligence(A.I.), study of various species on earth, biological classification of living organisms, chemical bonds and reactions, etc. From this the two most important fields in today’s world are-

  1. Medical field- As we all know about pandemic situation, all the doctors, nurses, medical and non-medical staff have been a savior for mankind. Today we can say they are avatar of Almighty. Salute to medical staff as well as corona warriors. Because of contribution of science in medical field today scientists are able to make effective medicines and vaccines for various diseases.
  2. Technology- Due to pandemic all things are going on virtually. Work from home, virtual schools, virtual yoga classes etc. Technology has bought world together and we can take it as a blessing. We all use internet in our daily lives and due to use of it we can communicate with anyone throughout the world.
  3. Space field- Similarly we have made a good progress in space field as well. Today we can know the climate of Titan without physically going there. This should be termed as great progress of science and technology.

Are there only advantages of Science? You may have heard that wherever there is positive energy there is negative energy as well. Similarly when science had made progress and today it is important part of our life, then there would be few disadvantages as well.

  1. Internet is not totally safe platform as even today many people loose their earnings due to lack of knowledge in technology field. As per to changing time we all should change, suggests the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’. I too agree with this phrase. We should have adequate knowledge about the things we use and there are various online courses which may give information of I.T. field.
  2. Manufacturing of non-bio-degradable materials is another disadvantage of science. We all should follow the 4R principle while using plastic. And avoid using it most of the time.
  3. As per to many scientist an hypothetical theory had been formed that if A.I. gets overpowered then it would be last second of existence of mankind on earth. But this is just hypothetical, as future is not constant term which can be predictable. Instead of future coming in present due to human activities many rare species are getting extinct day by day.

We need to find a way so that we save our ‘Mother Earth’ from pollution and destruction. Best way is to spread awareness about environment protection and follow it.

Protecting nature is not responsibility of an individual nor of government this is the responsibility of the ‘Earthians’ or the citizens of earth.

Lastly I would like to tell my opinion on this topic, science can be a blessing if we don’t ignore the disadvantages of it. And find a solution to protect naturally occurring species in nature.

I am a student passionate about writing. I write stories, articles and poems based on my own experiences.